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Most homes opt-out for the classic hardwood flooring throughout the entire living space.
However, not many know that hardwood isn’t the optimal flooring choice for spaces like
kitchens and bathrooms. Floor tile – is the better choice for these areas, and can add a
nice stylistic touch to any area of your home.

Even better? It comes with plenty of benefits you will want to know.

Healthiest Flooring Option!

Ceramic tile is actually one of the healthiest flooring choices you could make for
yourself and for the environment. It is a natural material, meaning it doesn’t have any
toxic compounds like formaldehydes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plastic, and volatile
organic compounds (VOCs), which are all found in and emitted by many other flooring
types except ceramic tile. Installing tile in as many spaces of your home as possible will
definitely minimize your exposure to these charmful toxins and chemicals.

*PVC is a resin found in vinyl flooring types, which has phthalates and organotids that
are noted to be a health concern by experts.
*VOCs are harmful gasses that cause various health problems

Versatile Use

It is true that tile flooring is more optimal for moisture prone areas like kitchens,
bathrooms, and laundry rooms. But it is not their limit. Tiles can be placed in any room
of your home, from your living room to your bedroom.

Think it may be too cold in the winter months? We’re glad to inform you that it’s a myth!

Electric Floor Heating System

Unlike hardwood and other similar flooring options, tile can be kept warm all year round.
That’s right! If you want your home to have the stylistic appeal of tile, but are worried
about the comfort of your home, this system is a must to accompany your floor

How does it work?

Floor heating systems produce thermal radiation. They heat the floor directly instead of
the surrounding air, which creates a diffused heat source from the floor up. It works to
warm up the entire room – and actually saves up to 300 watts more than a regular space
heater. Which can be up to 15% of your regular heating bill!

Variety of Options
When choosing a tile type to install, you will be delighted with the variety of options:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Marble tile
  • Granite tile
  • Stone tile – and much more!

Low Maintenance

Out of all of the advantages tile could offer, their low maintenance qualities definitely
make it a winner. They are extremely easy to clean, and resistant to moisture. Although
this is what makes tile popular in the kitchen and bathroom areas, they are an amazing
option for the living rooms and bedrooms of those with children and pets – you can be
confident any spill or mess can be fixed with a mop or broom.

Every 5 years, a reapplication of the tile sealant will add longevity and an extra layer of
protection to your floor. In case of a crack or break, a single tile can be easily replaced
without having to replace an entire floor. It doesn’t get any easier.